December 30, 2008

The only good indian is a dead indian

Art Pupil

Bag of Bones?
Carrie/Carrie II (Rage)
Cat's Eye
Children of the Corn/II/III/IV/V/VI/VII/VIII
Creepshow/Creepshow II
Dark Half
Dead Zone
Diary Of Ellen Rimbauer
Dolan's Cadillac?
Dolores Claiborne
Ghosts !
Golden Years
Graveyard Shift
Green Mile
Hearts in Atlantis
Lawnmower Man
Mangler/Mangler II
Maximum Overdrive
Needful Things
Night Flier
Nightmares and Dreamscapes
Paranoid !
Pet Sematary/Pet Sematary II
Quicksilver Highway
Revelations of 'Becka Paulson !
Rose Madder
Rose Red
Riding The Bullet
Running Man
Secret Window
Salem's Lot/Return to Salem's Lot
Shawshank Redemption
Silver Bullet
Sometimes They Come Back/Sometimes They Come BackAgain/Sometimes They Come Back 4More
Stand by Me
Storm of the Century
Strawberry Spring!
Stud City
Tales from the Darkside
This Is Horror(From the Archives of Stephen King's World Of Horror)/This is Horror II
Woman in the Room
World of Horror

December 29, 2008

The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy

He proposed in the dunes,

they were wed by the sea,

Their nine-day-long honeymoon
was on the isle of Capri.

For their supper they had one specatular dish-
a simmering stew of mollusks and fish.
And while he savored the broth,
her bride's heart made a wish.

That wish came true-she gave birth to a baby.
But was this little one human
Well, maybe.

Ten fingers, ten toes,
he had plumbing and sight.
He could hear, he could feel,
but normal?
Not quite.
This unnatural birth, this canker, this blight,
was the start and the end and the sum of their plight.

She railed at the doctor:
"He cannot be mine.
He smells of the ocean, of seaweed and brine."

"You should count yourself lucky, for only last week,
I treated a girl with three ears and a beak.
That your son is half oyster
you cannot blame me.
... have you ever considered, by chance,
a small home by the sea?"

Not knowing what to name him,
they just called him Sam,
or sometimes,
"that thing that looks like a clam"

Everyone wondered, but no one could tell,
When would young Oyster Boy come out of his shell?

When the Thompson quadruplets espied him one day,
they called him a bivalve and ran quickly away.

One spring afternoon,
Sam was left in the rain.
At the southwestern corner of Seaview and Main,
he watched the rain water as it swirled
down the drain.

His mom on the freeway
in the breakdown lane
was pouding the dashboard-
she couldn't contain
the ever-rising grief,
and pain.

"Really, sweetheart," she said
"I don't mean to make fun,
but something smells fishy
and I think it's our son.
I don't like to say this, but it must be said,
you're blaming our son for your problems in bed."

He tried salves, he tried ointments
that turned everything red.
He tried potions and lotions
and tincture of lead.
He ached and he itched and he twitched and he bled.

The doctor diagnosed,
"I can't quite be sure,
but the cause of the problem may also be the cure.
They say oysters improve your sexual powers.
Perhaps eating your son
would help you do it for hours!"

He came on tiptoe,
he came on the sly,
sweat on his forehead,
and on his lips-a lie.
"Son, are you happy? I don't mean to pry,
but do you dream of Heaven?
Have you ever wanted to die?

Sam blinked his eye twice.
but made no reply.
Dad fingered his knife and loosened his tie.

As he picked up his son,
Sam dripped on his coat.
With the shell to his lips,
Sam slipped down his throat.

They burried him quickly in the sand by the sea
-sighed a prayer, wept a tear-
and they were back home by three.

A cross of greay driftwood marked Oyster Boy's grave.
Words writ in the sand
promised Jesus would save.

But his memory was lost with one high-tide wave.

December 20, 2008




November 28, 2008


MTV 95 bestkiss
MTV 95 comedic
WTH Im doing here
Blake Edwards
Jim Morrison
without a word


Worst Fight Scene Ever Best fight scene of all time (:? happyend Bollyshit Drunken Master   Electric Dreams This is not the usual “boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl” story. No, this is a “boy meets girl, boy’s COMPUTER meets girl, boy and computer each fall in love with girl” story.

November 24, 2008

Easter Island Moas



LBC (328945556 B.C.)


November 12, 2008


Clive Pringle

In each episode, Clive walks slowly through the city back home, which is located in a tower block of high-rise flats. He arrives home (sometimes months or even years) late and when questioned by his wife as to his whereabouts, his excuses swiftly collapse into the plots of well-known fiction. Examples include The Lord of the Rings, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Dune, 24, a specified episode of The A-Team, the nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty and the song "Hotel California" by the Eagles. When his long-suffering wife coolly points out his obvious plagiarism, Clive is forced to reveal his actual whereabouts. This usually involves something sexually degrading, such as bestiality or S&M, and, on one memorable occasion, "trying to fill a bath with my own cum".

Prior to being humiliated, his desperate catch-phrase is: "... and that, darling, is what really happened!" As the series progresses, his wife eventually reaches the point where she cuts him short in one episode (she is due to meet her friend Janice in five minutes), and in another she cuts him off as he is about to reveal a spoiler for the next episode of 24, which she hasn't seen yet. As soon as Clive arrives, she barks out: "Excuse?" Clive: "I got lost on the common!" "Theme?" "Scott's Polar Expedition 1910-1912!" "Reality?" "I was getting tag-fucked in a pub toilet." In the final Liar Clive skit, she has actually left him at last, and it is revealed that he is delivering his pathetic excuses to only himself in a mirror, meaning he can finally smile ironically and conclude; "I knew you would believe me!"

Liar Clive's skits are always prefaced by him walking home at night to the sound of "Lovely Head" by Goldfrapp.

Ivan Dobsky

Ivan Dobsky is a supposed notorious criminal, known as "the Meat-Safe Murderer", held in custody in the high-security H.M. Prison Crowmarsh. Despite his repeated protests that he "never done it" and that his confession had been coerced by various methods of police torture and brutality, he was convicted for killing a typist at a meat-safe in 1974 by strangling her with a pair of ladies' pants. Dobsky bears more than a passing resemblance to the true case of wrongly-convicted Stefan Kiszko.

Dobsky has the mental age of a four year old child, speaks in a soft, flowing North East English accent, and generally gives the impression of being a completely harmless simpleton. However, the prison warders describe him as the most dangerous man in Western Europe, and keep him in strict confinement, restrained by methods very similar to those used for Hannibal Lecter in Jonathan Demme's film version of The Silence of the Lambs.

Early episodes depict him being pardoned and released when DNA evidence exonerating him comes to light. During his time in custody he has been oblivious to changes taking place in the world outside the prison walls, and thus when he attempts to rejoin society he appears as a throw-back to the 1970s. He joyfully rides out of jail on his space hopper (called "Mr Hoppy") only to find things have changed too much for him to understand. After deciding he'd rather remain in prison than to face the modern world, he ends up actually committing a murder in order to be reincarcerated.

Mr. Hoppy seems to have a mind and will of his own, carries on conversations with Dobsky, and often encourages him into violent action. The two characters are implied to represent different manifestations of a multiple personality disorder, in which Dobsky is an unwitting innocent and Mr. Hoppy a sociopathic monster. For the most part Dobsky is able successfully to remain in control, until the conclusion of the first series ends with his mind snapping and him dismembering the prison staff to construct a horrific space hopper made from bits of their bodies (on which he rides to freedom to the music of "Sunrise" by Pulp).

In the second series Ivan marries a prison visitor who then becomes the object of Mr. Hoppy's jealousy and is brutally murdered by him.

Many celebrities campaign to free Ivan from prison, including Brad Pitt (hired to play Ivan in a Hollywood movie), Billy Bragg, Manic Street Preachers, Bono and Nelson Mandela.

In the first episode of series three, Mr Drummond, the prison superintendent and Dobsky's chief caretaker, becomes enraged at factual inaccuracies pertaining to himself in the film version of Dobsky's life and joins Ivan and Mr Hoppy in a murderous rampage.

Divorced dad (with Timmy)

Timmy usually lives with his mother and Roger, his mother's new boyfriend. Each week Timmy comes to visit his father but always just talks about what Roger has done for him. The dad doesn't feel that he can impress him and ends up committing suicide each episode, but as he goes off to kill himself, in truth Timmy is deeply fond of his Dad but this is revealed too late. Roger remains an unseen character until episode 4, when Timmy shows his father a photo of him - revealing that he looks like an older version of Timmy himself, complete with ginger hair. Realising the truth, Timmy's father decides not to kill himself but to be a good father to Timmy anyway. In the last episode featuring these characters (during series two), the divorced dad is enthusiastic about a forthcoming visit from Timmy because they have not seen each other since Timmy and his mother moved to a rough area several years previously, but on discovering that a now teenage Timmy has begun to dress, talk and act like a yob in order to fit in with the local kids, the father commits suicide for the final time out of sheer desperation. (This turns out to be Timmy just showing off, and in fact he longs to be how he used to be with his father -- alas, too late, as always.)

November 9, 2008

October 18, 2008

ползучая тварь

SOES - 10 Green. Bless Body (20%, effect 5).....10 Red. Focus (20%, effect 3)
Spirit's Staff - 10 Green.Mental Shield (50%, effect 4)

October 8, 2008



- Hello!


-Do you speak English?


-Parlez-vous Francais?


-Sprechen sie Deutsch?


-Hablas Espanol?




October 7, 2008

Leonard Maltin's Animation Favorites From the National Film Board of Canada

1. "Begone Dull Care" (1949)
2. "Mindscape" (1976)
3. "The Log Driver's Waltz" (1979)
4. "The Cat Came Back" (1988)
5. "Getting Started" (1979)
6. "The Sweater" (1980)
7. "The Street" (1976)
8. "Pas de Deux" (1968)

9. "Anniversary" (1989) 

1399.88 Mb DvDRip

The Incredible Adventures of Wallace and Gromit (1989-1995)

A Grand Day Out with Wallace and Gromit 

Wallace & Gromit in The Wrong Trousers

Wallace and Gromit in A Close Shave            



Shaun The Sheep - Shape Up With Shaun (2007)


Shaun the Sheep - Off the Baa (2008)


Creature Comforts America - The Complete Season One (2007)


DVDRip 1.91 GB

Episode 1: Animal Magnetism, Secrets & Lies, Pets at the Vets

Episode 2: Self Image, Winging It, Art

Episode 3: Winter, At the Zoo

Episode 4: Growing Up, Fears & Phobias

Episode 5: Communication, Feeding Time, Parrot Tongue Twister

Episode 6: Working, Birds, Love - Animal Style

Episode 7: Great Outdoors, Pet Peeves, Talent Show

Winnie the Pooh is dead

beaten and drowned. Tigger, Piglet and the gang are excited :(

October 6, 2008


A Bachelor's Dog
A Bold Bluff
Breach of Promise Suit
A Friend in Need
His Station and Four Aces
New Year's Eve in Dog Ville
One to Tie Two to Win
Pinched with Four Aces Poker Sympathy
Post Mortem
The Reunion
Riding the Goat
Sitting up with a Sick Friend
Stranger in Camp
Ten Miles to a Garage

by C. M. Coolidge

September 30, 2008

ON:The Animated Short Subjects

Flowers and Trees - Walt Disney Productions, United Artists - Walt Disney 
Mickey's Orphans - Walt Disney Productions, United Artists - Walt Disney
It's Got Me Again! - Leon Schlesinger Productions, Warner Bros. - Leon Schlesinger

Three Little Pigs - Walt Disney Productions, United Artists - Walt Disney 
Building a Building - Walt Disney Productions, United Artists - Walt Disney
The Merry Old Soul - Universal - Walter Lantz

The Tortoise and the Hare - Walt Disney Productions, United Artists - Walt Disney 
Holiday Land - Screen Gems, Columbia - Charles Mintz
Jolly Little Elves - Universal - Walter Lantz

Three Orphan Kittens - Walt Disney Productions, United Artists - Walt Disney 
The Calico Dragon - Harman-Ising, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer - Hugh Harman & Rudolf Ising
Who Killed Cock Robin? - Walt Disney Productions, United Artists - Walt Disney

The Country Cousin - Walt Disney Productions, United Artists - Walt Disney 
Old Mill Pond - Harman-Ising, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer - Hugh Harman & Rudolf Ising
Popeye the Sailor Meets Sindbad the Sailor - Fleischer Studios, Paramount - Max Fleischer

The Old Mill - Walt Disney Productions, RKO Radio - Walt Disney 
Educated Fish - Fleischer Studios, Paramount - Max Fleischer
The Little Match Girl - Screen Gems, Columbia - Charles Mintz

Ferdinand the Bull - Walt Disney Productions, RKO Radio - Walt Disney 
Brave Little Tailor - Walt Disney Productions, RKO Radio - Walt Disney
Mother Goose Goes Hollywood - Walt Disney Productions, RKO Radio - Walt Disney
Good Scouts - Walt Disney Productions, RKO Radio - Walt Disney
Hunky and Spunky - Fleischer Studios, Paramount - Max Fleischer

The Ugly Duckling - Walt Disney Productions, RKO Radio - Walt Disney 
Detouring America - Leon Schlesinger Productions, Warner Bros. - Leon Schlesinger
Peace on Earth - Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer - Fred Quimby & Hugh Harman
The Pointer - Walt Disney Productions, RKO Radio - Walt Disney


The Milky Way - Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer - Fred Quimby & Rudolph Ising 
Puss Gets the Boot - Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer - Rudolph Ising
A Wild Hare - Leon Schlesinger Productions, Warner Bros.

Lend a Paw - Walt Disney Productions, RKO Radio - Walt Disney 
Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Company B - Walter Lantz Productions
Hiawatha's Rabbit Hunt - Leon Schlesinger Productions, Warner Bros. 
How War Came - Screen Gems, Columbia - George Winkler
The Night Before Christmas - Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer - Fred Quimby
Rhapsody in Rivets - Leon Schlesinger Productions, Warner Bros.
The Rookie Bear - Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer - Fred Quimby & Rudolph Ising
Rhythm in the Ranks - Paramount - George Pál
Superman - Fleischer Studios, Paramount - Max Fleischer
Truant Officer Donald - Walt Disney Productions

Der Fuehrer's Face - Walt Disney Productions
All Out for 'V' - Terrytoons, 20th Century Fox - Paul Terry
Blitz Wolf - Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer - Fred Quimby
Juke Box Jamboree - Walter Lantz Productions
Pigs in a Polka - Leon Schlesinger Productions, Warner Bros. 
Tulips Shall Grow - Paramount - George Pál

The Yankee Doodle Mouse - Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer - Fred Quimby 
The Dizzy Acrobat - Walter Lantz Productions, Universal - Walter Lantz
Five Hundred Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins - Paramount - George Pál
Greetings, Bait - Leon Schlesinger Productions, Warner Bros.
Imagination - Screen Gems, Columbia - Dave Fleischer
Reason and Emotion - Walt Disney Productions, RKO Radio - Walt Disney


Mouse Trouble - Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer - Fred Quimby 
And to Think I Saw It on Mulberry Street - Paramount - George Pál
Dog, Cat and Canary - Screen Gems, Columbia - Raymond Katz
Fish Fry - Walter Lantz Productions, Universal - Walter Lantz
How to Play Football - Walt Disney Productions, RKO Radio - Walt Disney
My Boy, Johnny - Terrytoons, 20th Century Fox - Paul Terry
Swooner Crooner - Warner Bros. - Edward Selzer

Quiet Please! - Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Fred Quimby 
Donald's Crime - Walt Disney Productions
Jasper and the Beanstalk - Paramount - George Pál
Life with Feathers - Warner Bros. - Edward Selzer
Mighty Mouse in Gypsy Life - Terrytoons,20th Century Fox - Paul Terry
The Poet and Peasant - Walter Lantz Productions, Universal - Walter Lantz
Rippling Romance - Screen Gems, Columbia - Raymond Katz

The Cat Concerto - Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer - Fred Quimby 
Musical Moments from Chopin - Walter Lantz Productions
John Henry and the Inky-Poo - Paramount - George Pál
Squatter's Rights - Walt Disney Productions, RKO Radio - Walt Disney
Walky Talky Hawky - Warner Bros. - Edward Selzer

Tweetie Pie - Warner Bros. - Edward Selzer 
Chip an' Dale - Walt Disney Productions
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Mouse - Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Fred Quimby
Pluto's Blue Note - Walt Disney Productions
Tubby the Tuba - Paramount - George Pál

The Little Orphan - Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer - Fred Quimby 
Mickey and the Seal - Walt Disney Productions
Mouse Wreckers - Warner Bros. - Edward Selzer
Robin Hoodlum - UPA, Columbia - John Hubley & Raymond Katz
Tea for Two Hundred- Walt Disney Productions

For Scent-imental Reasons - Warner Bros. - Edward Selzer 
Hatch Up Your Troubles - Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer - Fred Quimby
Magic Fluke - UPA, Columbia - Stephen Bosustow
Toy Tinkers - Walt Disney Productions, RKO Radio - Walt Disney

Gerald McBoing-Boing - United Productions of America
Jerry's Cousin - Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer - Fred Quimby
Trouble Indemnity - United Productions of America

The Two Mouseketeers - Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer - Fred Quimby 
Lambert the Sheepish Lion - Walt Disney, RKO Radio - Walt Disney
Rooty Toot Toot - United Productions of America

Johann Mouse - Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer - Fred Quimby 
Little Johnny Jet - Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer - Fred Quimby
Madeline - United Productions of America,Stephen Bosustow
Pink and Blue Blues - United Productions of America
Romance of Transportation - National Film Board of Canada - Colin Low

Toot, Whistle, Plunk and Boom - Walt Disney Productions
Christopher Crumpet - United Productions of America
From A to Z-z-z-z - Warner Bros. - Edward Selzer
Rugged Bear - Walt Disney Productions
The Tell-Tale Heart - United Productions of America

When Magoo Flew - United Productions of America, Columbia - Stephen Bosustow 
Crazy Mixed Up Pup - Walter Lantz Productions
Pigs Is Pigs - Walt Disney Productions, RKO Radio - Walt Disney
Sandy Claws - Warner Bros. - Edward Selzer
Touché, Pussy Cat! - Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer - Fred Quimby

Speedy Gonzales - Warner Bros. - Edward Selzer 
Good Will to Men - Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer - Fred Quimby
The Legend of Rockabye Point - Walter Lantz Productionn
No Hunting - Walt Disney Productions, RKO Radio - Walt Disney

Mister Magoo's Puddle Jumper - United Productions of America
Gerald McBoing-Boing on Planet Moo - United Productions of America,
The Jaywalker - United Productions of America

Birds Anonymous - Warner Bros. - Edward Selzer 
One Droopy Knight - Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer - William Hanna and Joseph Barbera
Tabasco Road - Warner Bros. - Edward Selzer
Trees and Jamaica Daddy - United Productions of America, Columbia - Stephen Bosustow
The Truth About Mother Goose - Walt Disney Productions,, Buena Vista - Walt Disney
A Chairy Tale - National Film Board of Canada, - Claude Jutra and Norman McLaren

Knighty Knight Bugs - Warner Bros. - Friz Freleng 
Paul Bunyan - Walt Disney Productions,., Buena Vista - Walt Disney
Sidney's Family Tree - Terrytoons, 20th Century Fox - William M. Weiss

Moonbird - Storyboard-Harrison - John Hubley and Faith Elliott Hubley 
Mexicali Shmoes - Warner Bros. - John W. Burton
Noah's Ark - Walt Disney Productions, Buena Vista - Walt Disney
The Violinist - Pintoff Prods., Kingsley International - Ernest Pintoff

Munro - Rembrandt Films, Film Representations - William L. Snyder 
Goliath II - Walt Disney Productions, Buena Vista
High Note - Warner Bros. - Chuck Jones
Mouse and Garden - Warner Bros. - Friz Freleng
A Place in the Sun (short) - George K. Arthur-Go Pictures 

Ersatz (The Substitute) - Zagreb Film, Herts-Lion International Corp. 
Aquamania - Walt Disney Productions, Buena Vista - Walt Disney
Beep Prepared - Warner Bros. - Chuck Jones
Nelly's Folly - Warner Bros. - Chuck Jones
The Pied Piper of Guadalupe - Warner Bros. - Friz Freleng

The Hole - Storyboard Inc., Brandon Films - John Hubley and Faith Hubley 
Icarus Montgolfier Wright - Format Films, United Artists - Jules Engel
Now Hear This - Warner Bros.
Self Defense ... for Cowards - Rembrandt Films, Film Representations - William L. Snyder
Symposium on Popular Songs - Walt Disney Productions, Buena Vista - Walt Disney

The Critic - Pintoff-Crossbow Prods., Columbia - Ernest Pintoff 
Automania 2000 - Pathé Contemporary Films - John Halas
The Game (Igra) - Rembrandt Films, Film Representations - Dušan Vukotic
My Financial Career - National Film Board of Canada,
Pianissimo - Cinema 16 - Carmen D'Avino

The Pink Phink - Mirisch-Geoffrey
Christmas Cracker - National Film Board of Canada,Gerald Potterton and Grant Munro
How to Avoid Friendship - Rembrandt Films, Film Representations - William L. Snyder
Nudnik No. 2 - Rembrandt Films, Film Representations - William L. Snyder

The Dot and the Line - Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer - Chuck Jones and Les Goldman 
Clay or the Origin of Species - Harvard University,Eliot Noyes,Jr.
The Thieving Magpie (La Gazza Ladra) - Allied Artists - Emanuele Luzzati

Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass Double Feature - John Hubley and Faith Hubley 
The Drag - National Film Board of Canada, Favorite Films - Carlos Marchiori
The Pink Blueprint - Mirisch-Geoffrey-DePatie-Freleng

The Box (short) - Brandon Films - Fred Wolf 
Hypothese Beta - Films Orzeaux, Pathé Contemporary Films - Jean-Charles Meunier
What on Earth! - National Film Board of Canada, Columbia - Les Drew and Kaj Pindal

Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day - Walt Disney Productions, Buena Vista 
The House That Jack Built - National Film Board of Canada, Columbia - Ron Tunis
The Magic Pear Tree - Bing Crosby Prods. - Jimmy Murakami
Windy Day - Hubley Studios, Paramount - John Hubley and Faith Hubley

It's Tough to Be a Bird - Walt Disney Productions, Buena Vista - Ward Kimball 
Of Men and Demons - Hubley Studios, Paramount - John Hubley and Faith Hubley
Walking - National Film Board of Canada, Columbia - Ryan Larkin

Is It Always Right to Be Right? - Stephen Bosustow Prods,Nick Bosustow 
The Further Adventures of Uncle Sam: Part Two - Haboush Company
The Shepherd - Cameron Guess and Associates

The Crunch Bird - Maxwell-Petok-Petrovich Prods.
Evolution - National Film Board of Canada, Columbia - Michael Mills
The Selfish Giant - Potterton Prods., Pyramid Films 

A Christmas Carol - American Broadcasting Company Film Services
Kama Sutra Rides Again - Lion International Films - Bob Godfrey
Tup Tup - Zagreb Film-Corona Cinematografica, Manson Distributing 

Frank Film - Frank Mouris Prod. 
The Legend of John Henry - Bosustow-Pyramid Films - Nick Bosustow and David Adams
Pulcinella - Luzzati-Gianini Prod. - Emanuele Luzzati and Guilo Gianini

Closed Mondays - Lighthouse Productions - Will Vinton and Bob Gardiner 
The Family That Dwelt Apart - National Film Board of Canada 
Hunger - National Film Board of Canada - Peter Foldes and René Jodoin
Voyage to Next - Hubley Studio - John Hubley and Faith Hubley
Winnie the Pooh and Tigger Too! - Walt Disney Productions,Buena Vista

Great - Grantstern, British Lion Films Ltd. - Bob Godfrey 
Kick Me - Swarthe Productions - Robert Swarthe
Monsieur Pointu - National Film Board of Canada - René Jodoin
Sisyphus - Hungarofilms - Marcell Jankovics

Leisure - Film Australia - Suzanne Baker 
Dedalo - Cineteam Realizzazioni - Manfredo Manfredi
The Street - National Film Board of Canada - Caroline Leaf and Guy Glover

Sand Castle - National Film Board of Canada - Co Hoedeman 
The Bead Game - National Film Board of Canada - Ishu Patel
The Doonesbury Special - Hubley Studio - John Hubley 
Jimmy the C - Motionpicker Production - James Picker

Special Delivery - Eunice Macauley and John Weldon 
Oh My Darling - Nico Crama Productions - Nico Crama
Rip Van Winkle - Will Vinton/Billy Budd - Will Vinton

Every Child - National Film Board of Canada - Derek Lamb 
Dream Doll - Godfrey Films/Zagreb Films/Halas and Batchelor
It's so Nice to Have a Wolf Around the House - - Paul Fierlinger

ON:The Animated Short Films

The Fly - PannóniaFilm, Budapest - Ferenc Rófusz 
All Nothing - Radio Canada - Frédéric Back 
History of the World in Three Minutes Flat - Michael Mills Productions Ltd. - Michael Mills 

Crac - Société Radio Canada - Frédéric Back  
The Creation - Will Vinton Productions - Will Vinton 
The Tender Tale of Cinderella Penguin - National Film Board of Canada - Janet Perlman 

Tango - Film Polski - Zbigniew Rybczynski  
The Great Cognito - Will Vinton Productions - Will Vinton 
The Snowman - Snowman Enterprises Ltd. - Dianne Jackson 

Sundae in New York - Motionpicker Production - Jimmy Picker  
Mickey's Christmas Carol - Walt Disney Productions - Burny Mattinson 
Sound of Sunshine - Sound of Rain - Hallinan Plus - Eda Hallinan 

Charade - Sheridan College - Jon Minnis  
Doctor Desoto - Sporn Animation - Morton Schindel and Michael Sporn 
Paradise - National Film Board of Canada - Ishu Patel 

Anna & Bella - The Netherlands - Børge Ring  
The Big Snit - National Film Board of Canada - Richard Condie and Michael Scott 
Second Class Mail - National Film & Television School - Alison Snowden 

A Greek Tragedy - CineTe pvba - Linda Van Tulden and Willem Thijsen  
The Frog, The Dog and The Devil - New Zealand National Film Unit - Hugh MacDonald and Martin Townsend 
Luxo Jr. - Pixar Productions - John Lasseter and William Reeves 

The Man Who Planted Trees - Canadian Broadcasting Corporation - Frédéric Back  
George and Rosemary - National Film Board of Canada - Eunice Macauley 
Your Face (film) - Bill Plympton 

Tin Toy - Pixar Productions - John Lasseter and William Reeves  
The Cat Came Back - National Film Board of Canada - Cordell Barker 
Technological Threat - Bill Kroyer 
gumbastic - Premavision 

Balance - producers: Wolfgang and Christoph Lauenstein  
The Hill Farm - Mark Baker 
The Cow - Aleksandr Petrov

Oscar Nominees:The Animated Short Films

2007 Peter and the Wolf - Suzie Templeton and Hugh Welchman
Even Pigeons Go To Heaven - Samuel Tourneux and Simon Vanesse
I Met the Walrus - Josh Raskin Madame Tutli-Putli - Chris Lavis and Maciek Szczerbowski
My Love - Aleksandr Petrov

2006 The Danish Poet - Torill Kove
Lifted - Pixar Animation Studios - Gary Rydstrom
The Little Matchgirl - Walt Disney Pictures - Roger Allers and Don Hahn
Maestro - Géza M. Tóth
No Time for Nuts - Blue Sky Studios - Chris Renaud and Michael Thurmeier

2005 The Moon and the Son: An Imagined Conversation - John Canemaker
Badgered - Sharon Colman
The Mysterious Geographic Explorations of Jasper Morello - Anthony Lucas
9 - Shane Acker
One Man Band - Pixar Animation Studios - Andrew Jimenez and Mark Andrews

2004 Ryan - Chris Landreth - National Film Board of Canada co-production
Birthday Boy - Sejong Park and Andrew Gregory
Gopher Broke - Jeff Fowler and Tim Miller
Guard Dog - Bill Plympton
Lorenzo - Walt Disney Pictures - Mike Gabriel and Baker Bloodworth

2003 Harvie Krumpet - Adam Elliot
Boundin' - Pixar Animation Studios - Bud Luckey
Gone Nutty - Blue Sky Studios - Carlos Saldanha and John C. Donkin
Nibbles - Chris Hinton
Destino - Walt Disney Pictures - Dominique Monfery and Roy Edward Disney

2002 The ChubbChubbs! - Sony Pictures Animation - Jacquie Barnbrook, Eric Armstrong and Jeff Wolverton
Katedra - Tomek Baginski
Mike's New Car - Pixar Animation Studios - Gale Gortney
Mt. Head - Koji Yamamura
Das Rad - Georg Gruber

2001 For the Birds - Pixar Animation Studios - Ralph Eggleston
Fifty Percent Grey - Ruairi Robinson and Seamus Byrne
Give Up Yer Aul Sins - Cathal Gaffney and Darragh O'Connell
Strange Invaders - Cordell Barker - National Film Board of Canada
Stubble Trouble - Joseph E. Merideth

2000 Father and Daughter - Michaël Dudok De Wit
The Periwig-Maker - Steffen Schäffler and Annette Schäffler
Rejected - Don Hertzfeldt

1999 The Old Man and the Sea - Aleksandr Petrov
3 Misses - Paul Driessen
Humdrum - Peter Peake
My Grandmother Ironed the King's Shirts - National Film Board of Canada co-production
When the Day Breaks - National Film Board of Canada - Wendy Tilby and Amanda Forbis

1998 Bunny - Blue Sky Studios - Chris Wedge
The Canterbury Tales - Christopher Grace and Jonathan Myerson
Jolly Roger - Mark Baker
More - Mark Osborne and Steven B. Kalafer
When Life Departs - Karsten Kiilerich and Stefan Fjeldmark

1997 Geri's Game - Pixar Animation Studios - Jan Pinkava
Famous Fred - Joanna Quinn
Mermaid - Aleksandr Petrov
Redux Riding Hood - Walt Disney Pictures - Steve Moore
La Vieille dame et les pigeons - Sylvain Chomet

1996 Quest - Tyron Montgomery and Thomas Stellmach
Canhead - Timothy Hittle
La Salla - National Film Board of Canada - Richard Condie
Wat's Pig - Peter Lord

1995 A Close Shave - Nick Park
The Chicken From Outer Space - John Dilworth
The End - Chris Landreth and Robin Barger
Gagarin - Alexiy Kharitidi
Runaway Brain - Chris Bailey

1994 Bob's Birthday - National Film Board of Canada co-production - Alison Snowden and David Fine
The Big Story - Tim Watts and David Stoten
The Janitor - Vanessa Schwartz
The Monk and the Fish - Michael Dudok de Wit
Triangle - Erica Russell

1993 The Wrong Trousers - Nick Park
Blindscape - Stephen Palmer
The Mighty River - Frédéric Back and Hubert Tison
Small Talk - Bob Godfrey and Kevin Baldwin
The Village - Mark Baker

1992 Mona Lisa Descending a Staircase - Joan C. Gratz
Adam - Peter Lord
Reci, Reci, Reci... - Michaela Pavlátová
The Sandman - Paul Berry
Screen Play - Barry Purves

1991 Manipulation - Daniel Greaves
Blackfly - National Film Board of Canada - Christopher Hinton
Strings - National Film Board of Canada - Wendy Tilby

1990 Creature Comforts - Nick Park
A Grand Day Out - Nick Park
Grasshoppers - Bruno Bozzetto

September 29, 2008

Life in London

Hanna-Barbera era (1940 – 1958)
Gene Deitch era (1960 – 1962)
Chuck Jones era (1963 – 1967)

Tom was originally called "Jasper" in the very first short, Puss Gets the Boot -

Spike ,Tyke




Miss Mammy Two Shoes
Her face is never seen (with the exception of 1950's Saturday Evening Puss , in which her face is very briefly seen as she runs towards the camera)



Koko the Clown/Betty Boop/Bimbo


Snow White (1933)                                                                                                                           

[Gulliver's Travels]

Yakko, Wakko and Dot

Merrie Melodies 
Looney Tunes

Characters introduced in the 1930s

Beans Cat
Daffy Duck
Do-Do Bird
Egghead Fluffy
Gabby Goat
Goopy Geer
Bugs Bunny prototype
Little Kitty
Oliver Owl Piggy
Petunia Pig
Porky Pig
Pinkie Pig


A. Flea
Babbit and Catstello
The Barnyard Dawg
Beaky Buzzard
Bobo the Elephant
Bugs Bunny
Cecil Turtle
Charlie Dog
Claude Cat
Colonel Shuffle
Conrad the Cat
The Dover Boys
Elmer Fudd Foghorn Leghorn
Goofy Gophers
Gruesome Gorilla
Henery Hawk
Hippety Hopper
Hubie and Bertie
Mazie the Bird
Marvin the Martian
The Mynah Bird
Pepé Le Pew Penelope Pussycat
Private Snafu
Quentin Quail
Road Runner
Rocky and Mugsy
Sylvester the cat
The Three Bears
Wacky Worm
Wile E. Coyote
Willoghby the dog
Yosemite Sam


Clyde Bunny
Dodsworth the Cat (Merrie Melodies)
Egghead Jr.
Frisky Puppy
Hector the Bulldog
Honey Bunny
Jose and Manuel
Marc Antony and Pussyfoot
Melissa Duck
Michigan J. Frog
Miss Prissy Pete Puma*
Ralph Phillips
Sam Sheepdog and Ralph Wolf
Slowpoke Rodriguez
Speedy Gonzales
Spike the Bulldog and Chester the Terrier
Sylvester Junior
Tasmanian Devil (Taz)
Toro the bull*
Witch Hazel

1960s & beyond

Agatha and Emily
Babs and Buster Bunny
Bunny and Claude
Count Bloodcount
Colonel Rimfire
Cool Cat Quick Brown Fox and Rapid Rabbit
Chimp and Zee
Elmyra Duff
Floyd Minton
Hamton J. Pig
Honey Bunny
Hugo the Abominable Snowman
Li'l Sneezer
Loco Crow Lola Bunny
Merlin the Magic Mouse
Second Banana
Plucky Duck
Pinky and the Brain
Malcolm Falcon
Queen Tyr'ahnee
Yakko, Wakko, and Dot
Rita and Runt
Slappy Squirrel
Buttons and Mindy
Gogo Dodo
Montana Max
Calamity Coyote
Little Beeper
Dizzy Devil
Shirley the Loon
Sweetie Pie
Fifi La Fume

Duck Amuck (1953)

That's all folks!

[A Troll in Central Park,Cats Don't Dance, Quest for Camelot, The Iron Giant,The King and I,The Nutcracker Prince]

September 22, 2008




რიცხვითი სახელი: რაოდენობითი (სამი,ასი), რიგობითი (მესამე,მეასე),წილობითი (მესამედი,მეასედი)

რაოდენობითი: მარტივი (ერთიდან ათამდე,ოცი,ასი,მილიონი), რთული (ორი ან მეტი ფუძის შეერთებით მიღებული. მაგ. თორმეტი <ათ-ორ-მეტი, ოცდაშვიდი და სხვ.)

  • და-თი შეერთებული რაოდენობითი რიცხვითი სახელები და ასეულების აღმნიშნველი რიცხვები ერთად იწერება (ოცდასმი,ოცდათორმეტი,ორასი და აშ.).

  • ცალ-ცალკე იწერება რიცხვითი სახელები,რომლებიც შედგება მარტივი ან რთული კომპონენტებისგან (მაგ. ას ოცი, სამას ოცდაცამეტი, ათას შვიდას ორი, სამი ათას ექვსას ოთხმოცდარვა და ა.შ). 





XIX,მე-XIX, XIX-ე, მე-XIX-ე

10 20 30 40..100 200

September 19, 2008

40 С - 104 F


1 გრამი -1000 მილიგრამი

1 კილოგრამი - 1000 გრამი

1 ცენტნერი (რუსული) -100 კგ

1 ცენტნერი (ბრიტანული) - 50.6 კგ

1 ცენტნერი (ამერიკული) -45.3კგ

1 ტონა -1000კგ

1 მოკლე ტონა - 907.18კგ

1 გრძელი ტონა - 1016კგ

1 დრაჰმა - 1.7718 გრამი

1 ფუნტი - 453.5924 გრამი

1 უნცია - 28.349525 გრამი

1 სტოუნი - 6.35 კგ

1 გრანი - 64.79891 მილიგრამი

1 კარატი - 200 მილიგრამი

1 ტროანული უნცია - 31.10348 გრამი

1 ტროანული ფუნტი - 373.24 გრამი

1 პენივეიტი - 1.417476 გრამი

1 პენივეიტი - 409.512 გრამი 

1 ზზზ - 4.2656 გრამი

1 წილი - 44.433 მილიგრამი

* * მ* *ო * ც* * * *უ * * ლ* * * ო* * *ბ *ა *

1 ლიტრი - 1000 მილილიტრი

1 კუბური სანტიმეტრი - 1 მილილიტრი

1 კუბური მეტრი - 1000 ლიტრი

1 კუბური დიუმი - 16.389986 მილილიტრი

1 კუბური ფუტი - 28.316847 ლიტრი

1 კუბური იარდი - 764.554857 ლიტრი

1 თხევადი უნცია (აშშ) - 29.57 მილილიტრი

1 თხევადი უნცია (ბრიტან.) - 28.1 მილილიტრი

1 გილი (აშშ) - 118 მილილიტრი

1 გილი (ბრიტ.) - 142 მილილიტრი

1 პინტა (აშშ) - 473.176791 მილილიტრი

1 პინტა (ბრიტ.) - 570 მილილიტრი

1 კვარტა (აშშ) -946.353581 

1 კვარტა (ბრიტ) - 1.14 ლიტრი

1 გალონი (აშშ) - 3.785414 ლიტრი

1 გალონი (ბრიტ) - 4.546 ლიტრი

1 ბარელი (აშშ) - 119.24 ლიტრი

1 ბარელი (ბრიტ) - 160.42 ლიტრი

1 ბარელი ნავთობი - 158.98 ლიტრი

1 სტანდარტული - 4672.3 ლიტრი

1 ფადენი - 6116.43 ლიტრი

1 ბუშელი - 35.2 ლიტრი

1 ჩაის კოვზი - 4.9 მილილიტრი

1 სუფრის კოვზი - 14.8 მილილიტრი

1 ჭიქა - 236 მილილიტრი


1 სანტიმეტრი - 10 მილიმეტრი

1 მეტრი - 100 სმ

1 კილომეტრი - 1000 მეტრი

1 დიუმი - 2.54 სმ

1 ფუტი - 30.48 სმ

1 იარდი - 91.44 სმ

1 ფარლონგი - 201.17 მეტრი

1 მილი - 1.60936 კმ

1 საზღვაო მილი - 1.832 კმ

1 წერტილი - 0.3528 მილიმეტრი

1 ხაზი - 2.1168 მილიმეტრი


1 კვადრატული მილი - 2.589 კვადრატული კილომეტრი

1 კვადრატული იარდი - 0.83613 კვადრატული მეტრი

1 კვადრატული ფუტი - 929.03 კვადრატული სმ

1 კვადრატული დიუმი - 6.4516 კვადრატული სმ

1 აკრი - 4047 კვადრატული მეტრი

1 ჰეკტარი - 10000 კვადრატული მეტრი

1 ჰეკტარი - 2.470966 აკრი

September 12, 2008


One Mississippi, Two Mississippi, Three Mississippi, Four Mississippi, Five Mississippi, Six Mississippi, Seven Mississippi, Eight Mississippi, Nine Mississippi, Ten Mississippi... Hey Birdyyyyyyyyyyy?!




Las Vegas


01.Mirwais - Miss You.mp3 5.68
02.Ruben Steiner - Espagnolade.mp3 6.49
03.Mouloud - San Fransisco.mp3 7.16
04.La Casa Menthe - Haitari.mp3 6.13
05.Rouge Rouge - Pop Art.mp3 5.35  
06.Avril - The Date.mp3 6.13
07.Lz Phaze - Jungle Man.mp3 6.89
08.Juantrip - Electronic.mp3 7.62
09.Plaisir De France - Americaine.mp3 6.64
10.Aqua Bassino - To Hard Try And Find.mp3 4.76
11.Variety Lab - Forever Shirley.mp3 5.41
12.Bount - Unplug.mp3 5.16
13.Zimpala - Sugar.mp3 5.6
14.Rouge Rouge - Cache Cache.mp3 7.55


01. ULA - Way To The Stars.mp3 8.29
02. MGI Feat. Olga Noel - Les Chrysanthemes.mp3 8.28
03. Messe Chups - Tchaikovsky Beat.mp3 5.7
04. ULA - Just An Engine.mp3 6.32
05. Moscow Groove Institute - 1-4 South Vietnam.mp3 6.29
06. Alexandroid - Rhodes Theme.mp3 4.92
07. Alexandroid - Back In Business.mp3 6.55
08. OLF - Solovushka.mp3 5.91
09. Dimitri Pronin - You Killing Me.mp3 6.04
10. Moscow Groove Institute - Kali.mp3 8.59
11. Oleg Kostrow SuperSonic Future - In Three Hands.mp3 5.58
12. Dub Chairman - Soldier.mp3 7.39


01.Infusion - Dead Souls.mp3 7.8
02.Good Budda - Ultrasound.mp3 9.98
03.B'archie - Smokin Beats.mp3 10.24
04.Mike Ross - Hydromatic.mp3 12.34
05.Telemetry Orchestra - Shutterspeed.mp3 8.44
06.Endorphin - Endless.mp3 10.71
07.Spod - Letz Dance.mp3 7.38
08.Disco Montego - Turning Around.mp3 12.04
09.Baggsmen - Hi Top Day.mp3 7.03
10.Eon - How Filth's The Moon.mp3 12.82
11.Prop - Statice.mp3 8.77
12.Tag - Samba Atomico!.mp3 11.09

New York

01.Tes - New New York.mp3 5.22
02.Dj Spinna - Rock (Unplugged).mp3 6.1
03.I F (Parallax Corp) - Crocodiles In The Sky.mp3 5.05
04.The Rapture - I Need Your Love.mp3 6.07
05.A.R.E. Weapons Street Gang - Atoc Remix.mp3 6.89
06.DM & Jemini - The Only One.mp3 4.42
07.Boris Gardiner - Melting Pot.mp3 6.01
08.Le Tigre - Deceptacon (DFA Remix).mp3 5.11
09.Disco D Feat. Princess Superstar - Fuck Me On The Dancefloor.mp3 5.72
10.Black Moustache - Tv Slut.mp3 5.69
11.RJD2 - Ghostwriter.mp3 7.15
12.DM & Jemini - Here We Go Again.mp3 5.29
13.Serge Gainsbourg - New York U.S.A.mp3 3.07


01.Cornelius - Drop.mp3 7.34
02.Toshiya Arai - Detective Jack.mp3 6.27
03.Fantastic Plastic Machine - Whistle Song.mp3 6.23
04.Mondo Grosso - Dont Let Go.mp3 8.2
05.Kodo - Wax On.mp3 5.78
06.Takkyu Ishino - Gimme Some Hight Energy.mp3 8.46
07.Yukihiro Fukutomi - Missing.mp3 8.74
08.Dj Yoshio - Yoshio And The Guitar.mp3 4.32
09.Mansfield - Style Pt Ii.mp3 4.68
10.Fantastic Plastic Machine - I Love Fpm.mp3 9.17
11.Qypthone - Its A Beautiful Dolls.mp3 6.04
12.Hair - 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 Barbie Dolls.mp3 7.02
13.Monaural Voice - Inside The Castle Wall.mp3 4.93
14.Yoshinori Sunahara - 747 Dub.mp3 7.37
15.Mansfield - Love You More.mp3


01.Zerosospiro - Automaticamente.mp3 4.93
02.Max Leonidas - Sta Sera.mp3 6.27
03.Macchiato Caldo - Right Guy Needs Right Girl.mp3 4.06
04.Belladonna - Summer Love.mp3 9.25
05.Eriko Tanabe - Alone On The Way.mp3 7.32
06.Don Carlos - Paly It Again.mp3 8.72
07.Max Leonidas - Because I Enjoy It.mp3 7.07
08.Duran Y Garcia - Dream Love.mp3 10
09.Max Leonidas - Nostri Occhi.mp3 7.41
10.Belladonna - Inspiration Zone.mp3 14.65
11.Cimarosa Collective - Gare Des Etrangers.mp3 4.27
12.Paul Derrick - Rama Lama Lama.mp3 3.43


01.Crackpot - Planes.mp3 6.3
02.The PQM Project - I Got To Swing.mp3 5.04
03.The Bamboos - Blackfoot.mp3 4.26
04.Dirty Laundry - Nuttin But A Party.mp3 6.32
05.No Comply - 4th Floor Fiesta.mp3 12.47
06.Royce - Watch Your Back.mp3 6.23
07.Phrase - So Tired.mp3 5.04
08.Lanu Feat. Christine Deralas - Let You Glow.mp3 6.34
09.SHQ - Cubano Chant(Ennio Style Remix).mp3 9.27
10.Trey - Take Time Out.mp3 5.51
11.Julia Messenger - Look Up Look Down.mp3 2.95
12.Afterlife Feat. Dannii Minogue - Take Me Inside(Christophe Goze Remix).mp3 8.6


01.El Tios Carlos - Pares Y Nones.mp3 7.69
02.Stigmato Inc - Reality Check.mp3 6.19
03.Funk Empire - Introfunk.mp3 5.83
04.The Pinkertones - Mais Pourquoi ~ bcn mix(Furia Manso).mp3 9.71
05.Stigmato Inc - La Maison De La Trompette.mp3 7.29
06.Macaco - Pirata De Agua Salada.mp3 7.73
07.Shiva Sound - Nada.mp3 7.93
08.Nava - El Chalao.mp3 9.24
09.Ojos De Brujo - Ventilator.mp3 5.32
10.Xerramequ Tiquis Miquis - La Grip.mp3 7.32
11.Quimi Portet - La Rambla.mp3 4.96
12.Domestic - Illuminados.mp3



01.Gonzales - Take Me To Broadway.mp3 4.05
02.Martini Bros - Here Comes The Sin.mp3 5.89
03.Kotai - Sucker Dj.mp3 6.12
04.Captain Comatose - Don't Come Back.mp3 6.85
05.Orbit Experience - Quartett.mp3 7.45
06.Micatone - Plastic Bags & Magazine.mp3 6.75
07.Louie Austen - You Treat Me Wrong.mp3 5.26
08.Ellen Alien - Wish.mp3 6.56
09.Terranova - Equal Rights.mp3 6.15
10.Balduin - Sugar Fairy.mp3 4.16
11.Gonzales - Soft Shoe Snoozin'.mp3 4.51
12.Barbara Morgenstern - Move.mp3 4.17
13.Zeljko Kerleta - The New Comer.mp3


September 3, 2008


Arcsmith's Anvil

Artisan's frame

Blacksmith's frame

Braided Hemp

Coarse Bone Powder


Compound Braid


Crafted Leather

Craftsman Mold

Durable Metal Plate(100%)

Fortified Steel ???

High Grade Suede


Leolin's Mold(100%)

 Maestro Anvil Lock

Maestro Holder

Maestro Mold

Metal Frame

Metal Hardener (100%)

Metallic Fiber

Metallic Thread(100%)

Mithril Alloy


Refined Steel???

Rough Bone Powder ??

Silver Mold


Steel Frame

Steel Mold

Steel of Highest Grade

Synthetic Cokes

Varnish of Purity

Warsmith's Holder(100%)

Warsmith's Mold(100%)

August 24, 2008


La leggenda del pianista sull'oceano

"1900's Theme"
"The Legend Of The Pianist"
"The Crisis"
"The Crave"
"A Goodbye To Friends"
"Study For Three Hands"
"Playing Love"
"A Mozart Reincarnated"
"1900's Madness # 1"
"Danny's Blues"
"Second Crisis"
"Peacherine Rag"
"Nocturne With No Moon"
"Before The End"
"Playing Love"
"I Can And Then"
"1900's Madness # 2"
"Silent Goodbye"
"Ships And Snow"
"Lost Boys Calling"

Extinct Animals